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Sunday, November 4, 2001

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Happy Birthday to me

It was my birthday on Friday, November 2nd, but I couldn't think of anything to say about it. Somehow it just happened. Both my kids called and were so sweet but it just wasn't a major event day. I think I'm holding my breath for the big 60. I was waiting at a transit center yesterday and a guy told me that he loved the silver color of my hair. That made me feel so good. I may be getting old but I'm still cool.

I did go to a party last night, not a birthday party, but it was nice to party. Well, two beers are not high party fuel, but I was riding my bike. It was in a small, older house toward downtown and I loved it. They have great wood floors and high ceilings. It had character which is not something new houses have, no matter how expensive or "designed" they are.

I bought a day pass yesterday and noticed that toward the end of the day I felt this urge to take just one more trip to do something. I wanted to make sure I got my money's worth out of the pass. I never felt this urge on the annual pass but then it was so cheap and for such a long time that I guess the urgency never kicked in.

I stopped at a craft fair yesterday and picked up a few doodads for Christmas. The craft fairs will be coming fast and furious pretty soon. So much is junk or too cutesy but there are some nice and/or unusual things. I'm always amazed at some new crafty thing that someone has come up with. Even the kitschy stuff sometimes ends up rather nice, occasionally.

I finished reading "The Blue Last" by Martha Grimes. This was very good. Jury is asked by a dying friend and fellow police officer to look into a case of murder and misplaced identity. The question being whether an heiress is really who she is thought to be or substituted for the real heiress when they were both children. I don't like the way it ends, as I like a little more resolution in my endings. I want to know what happened to everyone.

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