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Tuesday, October 23, 2001

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Pink evening

The sky was turning a beautiful pink as I ran a few errands this evening and it was just this side of chilly. It's on evenings like this I enjoy being outside. I had forgotten to close the window and turn on the air in my apartment and it was warm but not that bad. I turned the fan on for a bit but it didn't take long to cool off. It's so great to keep the window open.

I'm watching (I got there in the middle) a Nova program about people with temporal lobe seizures who feel that they have had a religious experience. Everything becomes significant and important, not just the things that matter to most people. The researcher felt that the seizures affected a part of the brain that affected the emotions. One guy talked about how he doesn't want to give up the seizures because he doesn't want to give up the experience that the seizures give him. So, god is just damage to the brain?

I was a little down last night. I'm having to stretch right now, both at work and out of work so there's a real pull to just go back to what I had before. I feel ok now but the stress from both changes and the WTC mess have lowered my resistance. I popped out with cold sores yesterday and started taking echinacea today. I feel relaxed right now, so it's ok. I like change, it just gets to me sometimes.

I finished reading "Death on the Downs" by Simon Brett. This is an interesting mystery with a few twists. The detectives are a couple of women who are neighbors, but don't each other very well. The story involves solving an old murder and finding out about each other and themselves. It's a nicely done story.

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