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Saturday, October 20, 2001

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Rillito Volkswalk

I went on a scheduled volkswalk today. It started from Ft Lowell Park at Craycroft and Glenn. I actually got there early, and was among the first to start, since the bus went right from my apartment to the park. It was still nicely cool when I started just before eight and it was great to do a long walk since summer got so hot.

I went north on Craycroft to the Rillito Riverpark and walked east on the north side. They have this stretch pretty much done and it's nice. I can remember walking up and down the side washes to walk along the Rillito. They even have mileposts now. I started at milepost "0" and walked past a few of the horse ranches along the north side of the Rillito. It's not as developed as the south side is becoming.

At Swan I passed the nursing home my mother was in. I wish there had been such a nice infrastructure when she was here as it would have made it easier to come and visit her. There's a nice rest stop with benches, bathrooms and water at Swan now. Continuing east the path goes down into the riverbed, it looks like. I'm not sure why it does this here, maybe the wash is too wide to keep to the edges. The whole point of the river walk is to protect the edges. There is some building going on.

I passed Mehl Park which had a vociferous baseball game going on. There was a stretch that was unfinished before I reached Dodge. I realized that the names on the bridges were the names of the washes coming in. I hadn't figured this out before because most of the washes I never knew the names of.

Dodge was the turn around point and I started back east wondering where the checkpoint was. The south side is my favorite side since it's mostly unpaved and goes through several sections that are just minimally fixed up. There a quite a few new housing developments going up on the south side, though.

This section is where the large homeless camp is. The path curves around that area so I couldn't see if it was still there. This is a low area and doesn't have the high sides like in other area, much like on the north side. I went under Swan and approached Craycroft and still no check point. I figured I had missed it but I was enjoying the walk so much it didn't matter.

It was hot by the time I got back to the start point and it was good to be able to sit down and rest. I found out that there was a checkpoint but the signs hadn't gotten out in time and people were missing. I had new shoes on, only a week old, and after 12K my feet felt good so I'm happy. You never know with new shoes till you get through with a long walk.

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