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Thursday, October 18, 2001

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Leadership Conference

I went to a women's leadership conference today. It was very good and the speakers were excellent but now that I'm home I'm thinking beyond the great speeches and inspiring seminars. I always get sucked in while I'm at these things but the doubt creeps in once I'm away. I learn things but there is such a lot of bullshit at these things. Everything isn't as easy as they make it seem and it's not even everyone's cup of tea.

There was a lot of man bashing and while men do do stupid things I have a father, four brothers and a son who I think are great. I did agree with one speaker who said that most men in positions of authority have no real concept of the real world, but then most women in positions of authority don't either.

I don't think men think like women do but that doesn't make them bad people. I always feel uncomfortable around people who do bash either men or women.

Another major crisis with Tabru. I am so tired of it being one crisis after another. I'm about ready to give up and, no, I don't want to take over the leadership. The conference did nothing to change that. I want someone who knows something about running an organization to take over. I like a little structure in organizations I work for or am involved with. In other words, I wants someone who knows what they are doing to be in charge, and that's not me, or anyone else at Tabru right now.

The conference was held at Westin La Paloma which is a very nice hotel and the view of the mountains through it's huge arched windows is glorious. A very beautiful place. Of course, I haven't been in any other of the resort hotels around here, and La Paloma only twice, so I can't compare but it still has a great view.

I talked to my son tonight to wish him happy birthday. He is such a sweetie. He's ready to go on another climbing trip this weekend and I'm glad I'm not there to see him. It makes me nervous. Once a mom, always a mom.

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