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Tuesday, October 16, 2001

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I had a nice walk to work. It was cool. I was even tempted to put on my jacket a couple times. I noticed that there was a haze in the sunrise and my eyes were watering. By the time I got to work you could clearly see the haze against the mountains and by the middle of day we couldn't even see the mountains for the dust. Yes, a nice dust storm whipped up by the wind.

By the time I left work my throat was sore and my eyes were scratchy. I think dust is one of my major allergens which makes me wonder what I'm doing in Tucson. There was a Tabru meeting but I just couldn't imagine sitting in a meeting feeling like I did, so I begged off and went home.

I ran over to the library to return a couple books that were due and, lo and behold, the TDOT was holding an open house on the next section of the Mountain bike route, from Ft. Lowell to Roger. From what I could tell, it's going to look much like the section from Speedway to Grant. They do have a major drainage problem though since Mountain from Grant to Ft Lowell funnels the water down to the Navajo Wash which heads northwest from there. I've seen cars stalled at the Mountain and Glenn intersection the water gets so high during the monsoon.

Between Ft Lowell and Roger the water for all the surrounding neighborhoods flows across the road and floods the homes on the west side before also ending up in the Navajo Wash. At Prince there is a wash beside the road, called the Mountain Wash, that takes the water down to the Rillito. They want to build a storm drain under Mountain to Roger to bring the neighborhood water down to the Mountain Wash but then they need to increase the capacity of the Mountain Wash to handle the extra flow. They keep talking about enough capacity for a 100 year storm, though it seems to me that in the sixteen years I've lived in Tucson we've had several storms that more than overwhelmed our storm drainage system.

They had cookies and brownies (I did have one of those) but while I wanted to I decided I just wasn't up to staying around for the whole discussion so I came home and have been sitting quietly, eating aspirin and printing yard sale signs for the choir. I feel like crap. Nothing like a little dust to ground me.

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