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Tuesday, October 9, 2001

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True crime

I hardly slept last night. When I knew I couldn't sleep well I took a sleeping pill only then I started coughing. I didn't want to take the cough medicine since it also has stuff to help me sleep. So I just coughed and slept fitfully. What a bummer. Usually when I have a cold I can take nyquil and it does help me sleep but I didn't want to take it on top of a sleeping pill.

I'm watching the new shows and the forensic "true crime" shows tonight. The new shows aren't all that great, that I can see. They are up against some massive news coverage, which won't help. I don't see this as being a great new show year.

I enjoy watching the forensic shows as it shows how much work goes into finding a criminal. There are times that I really don't like cops but without them we'd be in trouble. Unfortunately there will always be profiling and such but it does need to be kept to a minimum and closely monitored. There really is behavior that is more common among criminals and we need to remember that.

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