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Sunday, October 7, 2001

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The United States and Britain have declared war on Afghanistan. It's almost a relief to have something happen other that the oh so polite posturing. I do think it's a stroke of genius to be dumping food on Afghanistan at the same time we're bombing it. If the food gets to the right places and the bombs get to the right places we might get someplace. There are a lot of maybes and I feel so sad to think what it's like for them right now.

I don't like the Afghanis. They seem to have no purpose in life other than to fight each other, and when that's not enough, to terrorize other people, who just want to stay out of their fights. They treat women like crap and use boys to fight their wars. They are illiterate, fanatic and unwilling to be exposed to any outside influences out of fear that people might choose another way if they weren't afraid of being killed if they do.

They, basically, are everything that I don't like but at the same time I hate to see us adding to their misery. Unfortunately I think that force is the only thing they will understand. So sad.

And I have a cold. A little thing in the greater scheme of things, but it does make the day just a bit more depressing. People are being bombed on the other side of the world and my overriding wish is to get another kleenex. At least a cold is suppose to be over in seven days. We should be so lucky to have the war over so soon.

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