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Monday, October 1, 2001

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No money!

My daughter called me from England this morning and it was good to hear from her. It was almost 8:00 AM my time but they had driven to their rented castle and done some grocery shopping already. She said she was calling me from a red telephone booth. That sounds so british. I don't know if the US has any telephone booths anymore. What would Superman do? She said the house is a four story castle with one room on each floor and little moat around it. She was tired and had a cold so it's good that she can just take it easy. I am jealous and it was exciting to just be talking to someone in England. I know that this is an everyday thing to some people but it's really cool for me.

Well the state funding for the university is slashed and there is no hiring. We have two positions open and will really be hurting if we can't fill them. I may not be able to take any vacation this fall or at least not more than a few days at a time. That would suck!

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