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Sunday, September 30, 2001

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My daughter is, right now, winging her way across the Atlantic and my love is flying with her. I'm glad she's going since they have been planning this vacation for months. She's afraid of flying under normal conditions so I'm sure this will be very hard on her but she flies all the time because she wants to go places and doesn't allow this fear to hold her back. I am very proud of her, even while I'm watching CNN to make sure there's no problem with any flights. I am fearful but I wouldn't want to hold her back, and, in her place, I'd go too.

I had supper with some TABRU members at Dennys this evening. It was empty for a Sunday. Even Sunday evening there are usually more people there. I felt sorry for the waitress since we didn't order much either. After reading Nickel and Dimed I notice I look at what retail and food service people are doing more. This is good. We too often don't even notice the people that serve us even though they are usually much worse off than we are but are not suppose to complain.

I read "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson. It's a little book and didn't take long to read. I enjoyed it but it's not all that original. I've read enough motivational books to realize that you have to look for changes and they are always going to come. It's very nicely told in the form of a story but I always feel that these types of books are a bit simplistic. I know what I should do but as the saying goes 'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'.

I usually enjoy change but still have a problem with following through due to fear, low self esteem, ADD and INTP. Ok, I know. Those are explanations but I really can't use them as excuses. I don't want a high powered life. I would just like more money without having to work harder. Uh huh! Right!

It was really blowing up a storm when I left to go to Dennys and by the time I came back there was stiff wind to ride into. It was like riding up a steep hill and very exhausting. It started spitting rain and even now, a couple hours later, is still spitting but not enough results for the wind and fury beforehand. It was nice and cool, though. I was glad I had taken a long sleeved shirt to the restaurant in case it was too cool since I needed it riding home.

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