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Thursday, September 27, 2001

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PC Thoughts

I was thinking that the attack on the WTC was the ultimate in politically correct thinking. We don't think right, the way they want us to think, so they have to destroy us. I have a problem with PC because one person's PC is another person's Infringment on Freedom. Any fundamentalism is rampant with PC whether it's christian fundamentalism, muslim fundamentalism or jewish fundamentalism.

Let's not forget environmental fundamentalism (Kozynski ?), patriotic fundamentalism (Timothy McVeigh), prolife fundamentalism (abortion clinic bombers), progressive fundamentalism (the weathermen). I can't think right off of any yuppie fundamentalism but that's probably because they are so concered with themselves that they just assume that anyone who isn't like them isn't worth worrying about. Granted most PC doesn't lead to murder but people have had their lives seriously messed up because someone's PC idiocy.

I personally try to go with the "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" axiom. I realize this isn't always realistic but we are getting very sensitive about things that aren't going to hurt us and, besides, the constitution does not guarantee that no one will ever say anything that we don't agree with.

Cat is just lounging in total relaxation. I've been sleeping good the last couple weeks, too. I feel a little guilty that with the WTC horror that occured on the 11th I've been sleeping better than I have for quite a while. I'm wondering if it's an escape thing. It's nice whatever the reason.

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