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Wednesday, September 26, 2001

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Stealing flags

People are stealing flags in Tucson. That is low. One lady had a flag she had received at her husband's funeral a few years ago. He was a POW in WWII and she was very proud of the flag and someone stole it off her porch. That is so disgusting. There have been several other cases also.

I went to the TDOT (Tucson Department of Transportation) meeting after work. It was a committee that is trying to get a plan together to present to the voters next spring. They had a presentation of a plan that was worked up by the county about transportation issues. I thought it had possibilities but we don't have enough money to even keep up what we have now.

Some of the TABRU members there said there was nothing for transit but there really was. We can't have tunnel vision but have to realize that transit is within a network of needs and wants. Buses need roads, we need pedestrian facilities to get to the bus, we need bike racks on the buses and a place to ride the bike when we take it off the bus. We need roads for when we take a taxi or rent a car. I do think that more emphasis needs to be put on transit, especially buses, but we can't just look at buses.

My bike light went out riding home. I was wondering how much longer it would last. I have to take it apart when I'm not using it or the batteries are gone in a week even though I turn it off when I don't need it. By taking it apart it's lasted a few months. I'm pleased. Of course, it is now getting dark earlier and I will probably use it more but at least I won't have to buy batteries too often.

I am not happy with my rechargable batteries. They just don't last and I have to constantly be charging them up. I think I'll go back to regular batteries and pay the price.

Still there was a moon in a clear sky and it was so cool riding down a wide residential with just the moonlight. It's great riding on nights like this. It's best on the residential streets as I can turn my light off and I still am able to tell if a car is coming up behind me. Gliding through the night. I love it.

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