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Sunday, September 23, 2001

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Apartment angst

My furniture rearranging of a couple weeks ago did not take and I completely redid my apartment again today. I liked it two weeks ago but it wasn't comfortable so I'm trying again. I spent all day at home moving furniture, trying to figure out what to do with all the junk that floated to the top (as it always seems to do when I start moving stuff), and doing laundry. A good Sunday.

I feel good but I just don't know why I end up with so much unorganized drift when I move things. I always have more magazines than I remember having before and odd receipts and papers that seem to have grown and been hiding under something. I'm not that much of a slob but cannot keep my paperwork filed and under control. I feel overwhelmed by the paper. Why is there so much paper? What happened to the paperless world we were promised?

I've managed to not watch too much news today. Just quick checks to make sure the world is still there.

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