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Saturday, September 22, 2001

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I left my nice, crocheted bottle holder in the bathroom stall at the Greyhound station this morning and forgot it until an hour later. I hurried back, knowing it would be gone but it was sitting on top of the hand dryer. What a wonderful feeling to know that people are more honest than we usually believe.

The TABRU meeting today had a speaker from the Tucson Department of Transportation. My goodness, the figures he gave show so clearly that building more roads is incredibly more expensive than improving the transit system. Why is this so hard to understand? $130,000.00 each year to add a bus versus $40,000,000.00/mile for a new freeway. That's PER MILE. Unfortunately, much of the funding can only be used on roads so the TDOT wants a 1/2 percent sales tax increase that they can use for any transit need.

He also told us that the official name for the riverwalks is Tres Rios del Norte (Three rivers of the north). I guess the three rivers are the Santa Cruz, the Rillito and the Tanque Verde. The TDOT is also in charge of the washes, which surprised me. I thought something like flood control or whatever would be in charge of that. I did find a map on their website that names some of the washes.

The one I was calling Navajo Wash, may be Navajo Wash, but there is also a Cemetery Wash so that should be the two that go through the cemetery but I'm not sure which is which. Now I have a slightly better chance of having accurate names for washes, though it's hard to read the maps since they aren't highly detailed.

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