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Friday, September 21, 2001

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I had a very unsettling situation happen today. Another university employee sent me a package with two books on how an atheist became a christian. She enclosed a card saying "Just because God loves you". I was frankly stunned that anyone would do that and then wondered how she found out I was an atheist since she works in another building and we don't get together much. I don't talk about it much at work. If it comes up I will say I am an atheist but it rarely comes up as most people assume everyone is religious.

I did not want the books and thought of sending them back but asked a coworker if she wanted them and she said yes. Just passing on the good news! I'm sure the sender thought she was doing her christian duty but I was amazed at how violated I felt. It was so impersonal. If she wanted to give me books, why didn't she do it personally, and ask if I wanted them. I also cringed because I used to do "witnessing" and, I'm sure, violated other people's dignity.

Finally I was pissed at the whole thing. I don't tell people they shouldn't be christian, even though I don't care for christianity, or any religion, and I don't appreciate people telling me I shouldn't be an atheist. There are things that people do in the name of their religion that I totally disapprove of as they are brutal and/or hateful, but, outside of that, if they want to believe in god, that is their right, just as it's my right to not believe in god.

It's nice to have a weekend ahead. I have a TABRU meeting tomorrow morning but, other than that, my weekend is free and the buses are running so I plan to do a little running around and getting away from the television. I want to look at a sunlit world and remember that life goes on and so do we.

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