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Sunday, September 16, 2001

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Bus newbies

Greyhound has a help section for airline dependent passengers explaining how to take a bus. How funny! Hopefully some people will stay with the buses once the airlines are up to speed. Buses have been packed and I read that some drivers got a standing ovation when they reached their destinations. So cool! There were, of course, the airline passengers demanding that Greyhound honor their airline tickets. Sorry folks, doesn't work.

I've been a bit unsettled all day as the faculty/staff choir was to sing at a memorial/prayer meeting this evening and the powers that be (Tucson city people) insisted that we sing God Bless America instead of the National Anthem. Overall it sounded like a very religious sort of thing. It was. The native americans gave a blessing, and everyone did their thing, muslims, jews, catholic, protestant, orthodox, bahai, the military chaplain, a firefighter (got the best applause), a policeman, the Red Cross representative (also good applause), our representative, Jim Kolbe, and more. It was two hours and I left after we sang as I had to ride my bike home from downtown and there wasn't that much to keep me there. Enough is enough.

The turnout wasn't too good which is a shame but Sunday night is a bad night. People are getting ready for work and getting their children ready for school. I wouldn't have gone if the choir weren't singing. I think there was also that feeling of enough is enough from everyone. We've had six days of very emotional news 24 hours a day and I know that I did not listen to the news very much today because I just didn't want to listen to it anymore. It's not that we don't care but we know what happened, now we need time to do something else and learn how to decide how

I'm glad that people want to come together but I am much more comfortable with the forums where I have heard people actually discussing what we should do with real differences of opinion. This is what the democracy is about. It doesn't mean we all have to agree on what to do but that we can discuss our differences without killing each other. This is something that terrorists, authoritarians and dictatorships are not able to do.

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