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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

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It has been hard to realize what happened yesterday. My life seems the same and work needed to be done and I walked to work, like I so often do, and then I remember. It's all that's on the news, in fact, when they cut in with occasional unrelated news stories it feels like an intrusion, but for most of us it's a spectator sport and we just watch it like it's a movie without a plot.

I don't think it impacts me in one sense since I don't fly that much. I prefer to take the bus because I just like riding the bus and I have never cared for being locked on an airplane, so I don't have the shock of knowing that could have been me on one of the planes.

I can't think of the terrorists without feeling that they are so gutless. They did this because they thought they would spend eternity in a paradise with an endless supply of willing virgins. They aren't heroes, just murderers for pay. It's just that they expect their payment to come in the afterlife. The real heroes are the firemen that go into dangerous buildings, like the ones that dies yesterday. The people who get up in the morning and go to work even though they really don't want to. Policemen who put themselves in danger to protect people. Parents who give up things so their children can have what they need. The terrorists aren't heroes, just cheap mercenaries.

My daughter just told me that her subway goes right under the WTC and she would have been under it if she had been a train or two earlier. It wouldn't have collapsed at that time but it is still very, very scary.

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