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Tuesday, September 11, 2001

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I'm just sitting here crying and listening to the news. I am so tired of the news but I can't turn it off. It was personal this morning when I couldn't get hold of Lisa but once she called and I knew she was ok it was just an overwhelming sorrow that anyone could do something like this. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

Everyone is concentrating on the World Trade Center but I think the attack on the pentagon is just as poignant and sad even though the loss of life was much less. I guess it's just so hard to comprehend how many have died in the WTC. Over 200 firemen alone. Over 200 people on the four planes and we aren't really seeing or hearing much about the hijacking of the planes or how it was done.

I heard several people, including callers on talk shows who expressed a hope that we wouldn't sacrifice civil liberties and freedoms because of this, and I agree with this. I would rather take chances than live in a police state.

I get all teary eyed when the announcers talk about how people have overwhelmed the blood banks and Giuliani says they have too many volunteers. Go USA!

Poor Lauri. It's her birthday and what a terrible thing to remember your birthdate for. So sad.

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