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Sunday, September 9, 2001

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Sunday morning television is so much fun. You can't spend too much time on the infomercials without glazing over or wondering how you have gotten along this long without such a great item. I have only once ordered from an infomercial but I have been tempted many times.

On H & GT there was a piece on apartments over a mall. What a great idea. This is really what "back to the old times" folks are always calling for; living over the store. Of course, it's not their store but the people they talked to loved it. I think it would be great, if there was only a grocery store in the mall. Transit close by. Someplace convenient to walk on nasty days. Oh yeah.

I expect the "back to the good old times" folks would hate it since they hate malls. There is a place for an old fashioned main street but for most of us a place to shop where we won't get heat stroke or frostbite it great. I know people with health problems who find the mall the only place they can safely walk. Granted the purpose of the mall is to get people to buy but that really was the purpose of the old fashioned main street. They were just more low key about it.

Christopher Lowell is also on H & GT on Sunday morning. He is so cool and seems to be having so much fun, while showing what great looks ordinary people can come up with. Not that I do them but they do give me hope. I try. While watching him I decided to rearrange my apartment. That took a few hours and I still have a few things to do. At least I didn't move major furniture so I'm not as tired as I usually am.

I just found out that if I type a & between two letters without spaces I get H> instead of H & GT. Well, I'll have to figure that one out.

While moving my computer, my mouse quit working. I go through a mouse about every one and a half to two years so it's about time. The new one works optically instead of with a ball so I can even use it on a pillow. Wow! I love it. There are advantages to having to get something new.

I really enjoying staying home on Sunday and just watching tv and futzing around. I think part of it is I have such a pull to do what I "should" do. I know I don't exactly have your normal lifestyle but I feel like if I'd been "better" I would. Every day I feel like I've let everyone down, but on days like today I can just sit at home and enjoy and not worry about what I'm not getting done, that I "should" be getting done. And I know I don't really have to do all those "shoulds" but I still feel guilty about it.

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