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Friday, September 7, 2001

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Cooling down

I had a lovely ride to work this morning. It was cool. Not too cool, just perfect. Wonderful. I woke up this morning at 4:30 and tried to go back to sleep but a little after 5:00 I gave up and got up. This meant that I was ready earlier and I took the long way around to work. On the way I saw a pocket watch on the road. The back was gone but the working insides were still there and still working. Well, they were working till I tried to get a bend out and then the hands fell off. It's a nice watch, but probably not very expensive. I kept it because it just intrigued me.

I wandered through the residential areas east of Campbell and then it was down Tucson to Himmel Park. The tennis players and a homeless man were already at the tennis courts. This is one of my pit stops when bike riding as I can take my bike right into the restroom instead of taking a few minutes to lock and unlock and lug my bags in and out. I sat at a table and enjoyed the morning. I was in an area a little away from the tennis courts and no one else was nearby. What a nice way to start the day.

After work I was to meet C from TABRU at 6:30 to get some flyers about the bus strike, so I rode down Mountain to the Rillito riverpark and over to the Children's Memorial Park to eat my sandwich for supper. It was rough riding into the sun at that time. There is just not a good way to keep the sun out of my eyes. I used to have a helmet with a little sun shade but even that wasn't too good. The best I can do is just wear my hat and tighten it so it doesn't get blown off.

Riding up Flowing Wells to meet C was a pain. This is not a high rent neighborhood and there were no sidewalks. There was a wide dirt area between the curb and the mobile homes but no cuts at the corners so it was hard getting up and down. There isn't a bike lane and I felt a little uneasy riding in the road. It was great riding east on Roger as the sun was behind me and the mountains were starting to turn pink and looked wonderful. Cars were turning on their lights before I made it to First.

I haven't had any wine (which is rarely more than half a cup mixed with water) and I'm sipping my chamomile tea to see if this helps me. I also sprayed my pillow some lavender water. These are all tips I read about today. I'm also not eating anything late in the evening. We'll see. I did feel much better today than I felt yesterday but

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