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Thursday, September 6, 2001

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I was so tired this morning. I slept last night, about as much as I've been getting, which isn't enough, but this morning I was exhausted. I felt like I do when I don't get any sleep. I was totally wiped and had that empty feeling in my stomach. I kept dropping things while I was getting dressed this morning, which I notice I do when I'm tired. By the afternoon I was better but I still wasn't up to par. I had taken a sleeping pill but a different kind and it took a while to fall asleep but maybe I slept too hard though that doesn't feel like I felt today.

It was chorus today. We're meeting two noon hours each week now and the group is over fifty. Actually about ninety have signed up but it's rare that everyone shows up. That's why we meet on both Monday and Thursday because so many members can't get away both days, especially faculty that have classes scheduled at noon. It just energizes me to sing even though I still feel like I can't sing that well. I am singing out more than I was without feeling like everyone is taking notice of every mistake I make.

I walked over and caught the shuttle to work. I had to walk half a mile to get it and another half a mile back to work since the shuttle drops us off in the middle of the campus. A lady I work with was on the shuttle, the one who told me about it, so it was nice to have someone to talk to. I was early since I wasn't sure how it would work and I always get places early when it's new for for me. This gave me time to spend 45 minutes at the coffee shop where I read and tried to wake up. I always enjoy having time to stop for coffee in the morning.

I had to move fast to get back the the pickup after work and just made it. Another runs in 15 minutes and I will probably catch that one most of the time since it is half a mile back to catch the shuttle and half a mile back home after getting off so I'll still walk two miles when I take the shuttle both ways, but it will be nice in the evening. It's terrible walking into the sun, though.

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