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Wednesday, September 5, 2001

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Shuttle time

I rode my bike to work today as it was going to be hot and I didn't want to walk home. Even though I usually walk or bike I still can take the bus home and even to work if I'm just lazy. Knowing I can't is the pits.

I did learn about an alternative. There's a U of A shuttle that runs north and south half a mile east of me. A lady at work told me about it so I went down to parking and transportation to get a pass for it. I was told you have to live within 1/4 mile of the shuttle route. It seems that people were parking everywhere on the streets near the stops and taking the shuttle but there aren't good parking areas so they limit it to people on the route which includes quite a few large apartment complexes and one U of A parking lot that you have to buy a permit for.

Since I live 1/2 mile away I was told I couldn't so I just stood there looking pitiful, hoping they would notice my grey hair, and promising I would walk over there since I don't have a car and it was soooo hard with the bus strike. And I got a pass for the shuttle. So cool. 1/2 a mile is better than 3 when it's hot in the afternoon.

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