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Sunday, September 2, 2001

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Nap time

I spent yesterday afternoon, evening and this morning reading "A Traitor to Memory" by Elizabeth George. So good! and scary. Lynley, Haven and Nkata are involved in a hit and run that goes back twenty years and involves their superior. Woven into the mystery are thoughts about how we use people and are used and how our past affects us. I sometimes wonder that any of us can function at all. Not that our past excuses what we do but it does explain it if we're willing to listen.

I also read "Closer than the Bones" by Dean James. This is a good ole southern mystery with grande dames, southern writers and an old maid retired school teacher as the detective. It's very well written and a good story. There's something very literary about the south, maybe because the south, or at least the white south, is at it's best at remembering what they were and trying to live like they thought life should be instead of real life.

I didn't get to sleep till after 12:00 last night and even though I slept till eight I was so tired this afternoon that I lay down for a nap at 2:00 and didn't get up till 6:30. This is unprecedented. I rarely can nap during the day. I hope it doesn't keep me awake again tonight. I always wake up sweating when I nap during the day. I don't do this at night and I've never understood why. Basically I just read and slept today.

I tried reading another mystery but it was set in Toronto at the turn of the twentieth century and I wasn't in the mood for stepmothers being bundled off to the insane asylum so the heirs wouldn't have another heir to contend with. I wasn't in the mood to cope with the helplessness that most women were faced with for most of history.

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