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Friday, August 31, 2001

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Long Weekend

It was quiet at work today since so many people either left early or took the day off. Tuesday will be a little short on personnel also. I nearly fell asleep since I spent most of the afternoon cleaning up our vendor file and it got so boring. The only thing that saved me is all the calls for our area came to me so I had some goodies. Why do people think that they can get a rush or solve a problem the afternoon before a long weekend? Have they no clue that most of the people who could help you do this are gone?

The traffic was heavy but it wasn't too hot so I cut over a block and walked home through a residential area up Los Altos. I've biked down this street so many times but rarely walk it so it was interesting to see things that I've missed. This is a lower middle, if not middle lower, area and most of the homes were small and not kept up the best though few were trashy. The yards showed the level of the street best as they were rather barren with scraggly tuffs of grass. This is not either a green grass or fancy desert landscaping area.

There were a few laws that were rather spiffy though not professional and a few of the throw out variety. You know, they have all their plants growing in old metal cans instead of nice planters and some creative rather than fashionable landscaping. I love these yards as they show so much love and effort. One had a large watermelon plant with three watermelons in their front yard. So cool!

I walk to work and my feet don't hurt but when I walk home they are ready to be gotten off of. There is a lot of difference between fresh feet and feet that have carried me around all day. It was a nice walk and, hopefully, I can do this more often now. The sun is low enough that I can do quite a bit of the walk in the shade and it's already getting a bit cooler right after work.

I'm watching a show on beautiful restored homes and they showed the Encanto area in Phoenix that one of the volkswalks goes through. How cool! I even recognized the corner. It's so much fun to see a place on television that you've walked through. Much of the fun of travel is see places that you haven't seen before and to then see them on television and recognize them is cool!

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