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Monday, August 27, 2001

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Magic and sleeplessness

It was a nice walk to work but my backpack was heavy since I carried food for lunches and the music folder for choir. I start out with a light pack, just add a couple of things and it weighted a ton. I keep thinking I'll get used to it but I never do. Carrying a pack is the hardest thing about walking. I try to keep it to a minimum but things just mount up.

I couldn't sleep again last night and finally took a sleeping pill at 11:30. I felt good this morning but I wish this would stop. I was doing so well for so long and only had to take the pills once every couple week. The more uptight I get about it the worse I sleep, of course. All I can do is relax and wait for it to go away but relax is not what I can do right now.

This was the first week of choir for the fall semester and there were so many people. Since I started in the summer I hadn't realized how many were in the full choir. We had a good time. The conductor is a sweetie and tries to be firm with us and actually teach us to sing on key. It is so enjoyable to sing again.

I just watched a short about Penn and Teller and it showed where they used clear plastic glasses to do the ball under the glass trick and you still couldn't tell what was going on. They are so cool. They are the other side of people that I like. I like people who are committed to activism, even if I do get very irritated with them, because they do care enough to do something, but often they loose their sense of humor and forget that justice is no good without laughter. Fairness is worthless if we are without a sense of the absurdness of humanity. Another thing that Penn and Teller have that I think is absolutely necessary, is a strong sense of libertarianism and the realization that there can be no censorship in a free country, not matter how much you don't like what someone says. And they are also strong atheists.

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