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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

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Back to school

Traffic was terrible this morning and don't even drive. I walked to work but crossing a couple streets near the university was very risky. All the students are back, with a lot of suvs, and all of them think they can find a parking place right by the university. There are 3000 people on the waiting list for the parking garage by the building I work in and the bottom floor, where Parking and Transportation is, has been jammed for the last few days with students. As I push through the crowd I feel sad for the futile hope they have. I do believe you can get a permit for an off campus parking lot and take the shuttle in but you might as well take the bus, why don't they?

The day started well, though, and stayed well, despite being nearly run over. I felt so good that even getting started a little later I arrived at work at the same time I usually do. It felt so good that I was walking fast. I don't know why but I'll enjoy it while it lasts. The weather is drying off and, while it's still warm, it isn't like a steam bath outside and that may be helping. I don't mind damp, I even love fog, and I can handle heat but the combination is just terrible. If I moved I would prefer cool and damp to hot and dry, but hot and dry is better than hot and humid.

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