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Saturday, August 18, 2001

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I went to donate blood earlier this morning and my iron wasn't high enough again. I always feel let down when I get all psyched up to donate and then can't. It's never been too low twice and I eat plenty of high iron food plus take a supplement. My mother worried even when I was in college that I had anemia, but I never have. It was still cool enough that I walked down to 22nd and caught the bus to the zoo. On the way I passed Arroyo Chico and took a couple pictures of it. It had water in it since we had that big rain the other day.

They were having a birthday party for Catmandu at the zoo. This is our one year old white bengal tiger. There was a cake for the kids and little gifts and there were so many kids there. It was a bit cloudy and slightly cooler so I guess it was a good day to bring them. There were people three deep around the tiger enclosure but I did get a peek at the guest of honor and he was so cute. He was bouncing around just like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh. I enjoyed watching all the kids as much as the animals. They were so great and without so many of our "let's not talk about it issues". The best question was why the giraffe was licking the other giraffes butt. I didn't hear the answer.

I took a couple buses to the store to get another pair of slacks since the ones I had were so comfy. They didn't have my size and after trying on several others I decided to leave so I could catch the bus. I was in the parking lot when I realized my hat was gone. I had just tucked it under the flap of my backpack so it wasn't very secure but I had my backpack in a cart so I didn't figure I would lose it, but I did. After I checked out the carts and the dressing room I was very upset. I realized it was just an inexpensive hat but I liked it and I felt so down. I was surprised at how upset I was. It was like the joy had gone out of my day. Sometimes a major thing will happen and I just shrug it off so why did this bother me so much? I had felt upset about not being able to donate blood but that's happened before also and it didn't mess up my day.

I missed the bus and was pissed at that so I walked a mile to Broadway and caught the bus there since that was faster due to our poor bus schedules on Saturday. As I was walking to the zoo this morning a guy handed me a flyer about the Tucson Area Bus Rider's Union. How cool! They meet once a month and I may go. It would be interesting to meet other people who care about buses. This made the walk to Broadway much easier to bear.

I was in a better mood by the time I got to the mall and I checked out the new food court that was open and found a pair of slacks that fit nicely, and were on sale. I really need to check out the sale racks at the nice stores since they usually have nicer things than Walmart but to do this well you have to do it often and I don't usually have the patience. Today it was enjoyable since I was inside and cool and had recovered from my funk.

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