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Friday, August 17, 2001

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The bus coming home was crowded since all the students are back in town. There were also two wheelchairs but even before that the bus was full. I noticed that the wind seemed to be picking up and it was getting dusty. When I got off the bus I had to push against the wind and the dust stung my eyes. I just got inside when it started raining. My lights and television were flickering on and off for about half an hour and I didn't even try to turn on my television. Between flickers I heart that there was a major storm watch in effect. There wasn't much rain, though, for all the wind and storm.

I took one of those online tests today and found out that my medieval type is The Discoverer. I'm ready to go where no one has gone before. I don't have much staying power, but I already knew that. Staying power is not my strong point and I do get bored easily. All the tests I take lead to the same personality whether it's ADD, INTP or Discoverer. On the other hand when I do concentrate I can really concentrate and I am great at multitasking.

I'm watching "An American in Paris" for the umpteenth time. Gene Kelly looks like he's dancing just getting up in the morning. He is so totally cool. It's wonderful watching his movies just to see him dance. My favorite song and dance of his is Dancing in the Rain. It makes me happy just watching him dance. Fred Astaire is elegant and witty when he dances but Gene Kelly is just full of life.

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