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Thursday, August 16, 2001

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Hot and cold

A few weeks ago it was warm at work and, finally, the building maintenance people listened. They kept saying the air was on. Uh huh! Well they they did major work on the ducts and all and now I'm freezing. I was warmish but not bad before. It's summer and I want to wear shorts but it's almost too cold to wear shorts and this with 100 degrees outside. I am working at a place that I can wear shorts and it's too cold to wear them. Is this fair? Why does it have to be so cold inside when it's so hot outside? At home I strip to my mere nothings in the summer and wear warm fuzzies on my feet and something warm in the winter. It's silly to make the temps suit your clothes instead of wearing clothes that suit the temps.

The one time I like it cold is at night since I like to sleep with a blanket. There is something so cozy about curling up under a blanket to sleep. Do I feel too vulnerable if I don't have a blanket over me while sleeping? Interesting thought. It's hard to believe that I used to sleep like a log with no airconditioning in the summer. We just never expected it to be cool in the summer. Now we're spoiled.

I've been watching a lot of true crime on tv lately. I get so tired of the contrived endings of books and televisions shows, both comedies and dramas. I just watched one on the Zodiac killer that has never been solved. That, unfortunately, is what happens to too many crimes. I can't watch too much true crime as it depresses me to see what people can do to each other, but I enjoy listening to how people follow the clues and when one is solved it's great.

I can not approve of the death penalty because not only are too many innocent people executed (even one is too much) but I feel that killing the criminals brings us too close to their level. I don't have much hope for rehabilitation, at least in prison, but I know that some people need to stay locked up. I would prefer that we find ways other than prison to deal with nonviolent offenders but I know it's a tough challenge. Still I figure that allowing people to be brutalized in prison hardly is going to improve them since so many had major psychological problems before being locked up.

I've also been watching more wildlife shows. They get boring after a while, but I enjoy them while I can. I've been watching more cooking shows but I can't take Emeril very long as he irritates me and I don't like Iron Chefs. I don't want my cooking to to be a competitive event. I just want something good to eat. Goods Eats is good and, I hate to say this, Martha Stewart isn't bad. Still, I can only take so much cooking since I get discouraged after a while. It seems so easy to them. Cooking is a major effort for me and even when I do it perfectly it never turns out quite right.

I'm constantly wondering why I'm paying so much for cable when most shows are crap but then I watch a good show and realize I won't give up my cable though it does keep getting more and more expensive.

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