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Tuesday, August 14, 2001

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Feeling good

I took a sleeping pill last night because when I'm as tired as I was I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep. I also went to sleep early so I had lots of sleep and woke up this morning feeling great; better than I've felt in a few weeks. Maybe I've finally kicked whatever bug I had. I was still walking slower to work but I made it all the way and not much slower. I was whistling at work. I'm sure they hate it when I'm feeling good.

I'm now working on transferring my stuff from Xoom/NBCI to Fortune as Xoom seems to have screwed up some of my pages and I don't like the look of the large banner across the top. I've already redone some of the pages as the original ones were corrupted. Luckily I keep copies of everything.

It was nice this morning. The clouds kept it cool and I almost didn't sweat walking to work. I'm just waiting till I open the door in the morning and it's cold, or much cooler anyway. How wonderful that will be and then we will be in the nine months that make this place worth living in.

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