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Thursday, August 2, 2001

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Rosemary and cohabitation

It was a nice walk/ride to work today. I went by the bread store and they didn't have rosemary, but I had a nice walk along a not as familiar route. I get depressed over how few routes there are for walking to work. It's handy to have a straight shot to work when I'm in a hurry but it does get boring. It's best to live at an angle to work so that I more choices for walking.

It is now legal in Arizona to cohabit with someone you aren't married to. You can also commit sodomy and have sex without the intent to have children. I knew there was some reason I'm a member of the ACLU. I don't always agree with them but they do come up with occasional winners. They have now joined the list of those who suggest that I give them my tax refund. Get a life! I pay my dues, but the tax refund is mine.

It just started to pour outside. Big drops, they sound like they are coming down the exhaust from the stove. I hear a lot of lightening but so far my computer is still up. I keep saving, though. I just hate it when I'm working on the computer and the lights start flickering. I have a couple surge protectors but when the lights flicker my computer goes down. Now the weather is going to come on and tell me it's raining.

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