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Wednesday, August 1, 2001

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Try again

I think I'll try going to yoga classes again. I thought I could just do it at home but, of course, I don't, do I? I keep thinking I'll do it later and then it's later and I'm tired and I want to go to bed. So I do and, once again, exercise is put on hold. If I sign up for a bunch of classes, maybe I'll go though that hasn't been fool proof in the past.

I've been tired and depressed the last couple weeks and my throat feels not up to par. Several other people at work have said they aren't feeling great either so we figure it's either the cloudy weather (I know, we're spoiled) that's bothering us psychologically or it's the damp and mold that's hitting our allergies. Well, there's plenty of vegetation thanks to the rain also so that could be part of it. It's so wonderful to get rain but we can't handle a lot of it. I think my body has accustomed itself to the dry air that is normal, though the dust when it gets too dry is a problem also. It's a wonder the human race has survived since we are very fragile animals.

My plants look nice and I'm enjoying them. I enjoy growing things and nature so much, I'm just not all that comfortable with it. I just want my plants to keep on growing without my paying them much attention. I just want nature to be there without my having to bother about it which is a problem when too many people don't really care about taking care of nature. I belong to a couple environmental groups but don't attend meetings. This makes me feel guilty but, so far, hasn't gotten me to be more active.

I read "Triage" by Scott Anderson. This is a very good book that takes a look at why we have wars and killing. It follows a war photographer after he is injured while in a war torn country and unfolds the reason he isn't healing while also incorporating the Spanish civil war and questions why even the "good" side, which depends on your point of view, of course, commits atrocities. It's very thought provoking.

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