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Saturday, July 28, 2001

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Missiles and buses

While walking south on Stone, just north of the Rillito, I passed a house that has a backyard full of junk including what looks like a couple missiles but they are probably just the propellers from the gutted helicopter that is also there. Basically they have no backyard, just junk but it is interesting junk. Next to the junk were some shrubs with gorgeous purple flowers. Beauty and the beast.

One guy on the bus was half asleep after muttering drunkenly for a while. I worry about people asleep on the bus but no one's gone flying yet. He finally gave up and lay down on the seat. I see people nodding off all the time and it really stresses me out because I have to hold my breath whenever the bus comes to a stop as if that's going to keep them from falling off the seat.

One elderly guy had a problem getting on with his motorized wheelchair. Most of them, even the ones with limited movement, can really move their chairs well, but this poor guy took about five minutes to maneuver into position so the driver could lock down the wheelchair. She was very patient and made a few suggestions, but didn't try to help. I don't think they are allowed to, probably for insurance reasons. He must have been new at it or at least new with this wheelchair as he had trouble even figuring out how to get it to go. Sometimes, after a long day, I wish I had a motorized wheelchair but I'm glad I don't really need one.

The downtown transit center was busy, as always. Even on a saturday the people still flow through. They would flow through better if we had more frequent service, but at least we have something. I'm waiting with bated breath for the new schedules to come out. They always change in the middle of August when school starts and this time they've done a major revamp of the routes. I think some will benefit me and some will not. If they change like I read, the 17, which goes right by my apartment, will now go all the way to 22nd and Camino Seco which will put me close to the bike route to Saguaro East. Now I have to transfer and it takes forever.

I wandered through some thrift shops looking for embroidered tea towels, dish clothes, whatever but the pickings were slim and not in great shape. The antique stores had some but the selection wasn't great and the prices were higher. I have a couple from my grandmother but would like to get some others as I really like them.

I started three mysteries and couldn't pay attention to any of them. The problem is I get bored and impatient so I skip to the end to see what happens. That, of course, ruins reading it but I keep doing it as I hate to put down a book without knowing the ending.

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