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Sunday, July 22, 2001

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How much of my mental discomfort with carrying a backpack is because of the similarities with homeless people who carry everything with them? A lot, I'm sure, since Iím hyper conscious of what people think of me. This doesn't make me dress or behave more normally, I'm not sure if it's stubborness or laziness on my part. This is what I'm thinking as I sit in the downtown transit center today.

I visited a couple bookstores, strolled through Park Mall and stopped by the downtown library. In betweenI rode the bus and read. I figured it was less boring than sitting at home all afternoon and I stayed cool. That's one of the advantages of riding the bus, you can read while you go someplace. I was also very lucky in my connections today. Sundays is always a problem and sometimes I seem to always be missing a bus and having to wait an hour but today was good.

I finished reading "The True History of Paradise" by Margaret Cezair-Thompson. It's the story of a young woman, Jean Landing, who is leaving Jamaica as she can't stand the violence that has a grip on the country in 1981. The author weaves in the story of Jean the stories of her ancestors from China, Africa, Britain, Spain and Scotland. It catches the beauty and brutality that played themselves out in the history of Jamaica. I found it to be a very interesting book and learned more about the history of Jamaica than I'd known.

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