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Saturday, July 21, 2001

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What with year end at work and heat outside I came home from work all week and just read. I caught up on quite a few magazines that I had not gotten around to reading. What is sad is that if they get over a month old they will never get read but I keep buying them because I can't bear the thought that I might miss a fantastic article. I actually can't think of that many articles that would really leave me bereft if I hadn't read them, but to magazine addict this isn't really something we think about while gazing at the possibilities at the book store.

I also read some mysteries. "The Lamorna Wink" by Martha Grimes is her usual great book. This one left me with that despairing feeling I get when I wonder why people can do such horrible things in the name of revenge. Richard Jury's friend, Melrose Plant, takes a house for a few months on a cliff in Cornwall. The house not only fascinates him but he gets involved in it's history and the people who lived in it and in the village. The characters that Grimes introduces us to and the twists of the plot are excellent.

I also read two by Kate Sedley. These were "The Eve of Saint Hyacinth" and "The Wicked Winter" which are narrated by a chapman, the 15th century's traveling salesman, Roger, who tells about the people he meets and the mysteries he solves. The first one involves the royal family including King Edward, Prince Richard and Prince Clarence. His sympathies are with Richard who he saves from assasination.

The second book is set in rural England with sadly lowered norman nobility and their saxon servants. I thought the author was very good at showing us that the nobility of that time lived with a discomfort that few of us would put up with. When people romanticize the medieval ages they never seem to mention sleeping in unheated stone houses, rarely taking a bath and not even the rich having many clothes to change into. This is an interesting series that shows life from the bottom up.

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