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Monday, July 16, 2001

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I went to a yoga class this evening and I ache. It's a good ache but I am going to be in major pain tomorrow. I just need something to help my flexibility. I don't want to work out with weights or aerobics or whatever, I just want to loosen up and relax and be able to turn my head and bend and twist more like I used to be able to do. I feel so tensed up at times and sometimes it feels like my shoulders stay tensed for days.

I finished reading "The PMS Outlaw" by Sharyn McCrumb. This mystery has Elizabeth MacPherson as the detective. She commits herself after going into major depression after her husband is lost at sea. She get's involved with her fellow inmates, despite herself. On the outside her brother buys an old southern house, complete with a ninety year old bootlegger while his law partner get's caught up in the saga of a couple women who lure men into taking off their clothes, then they handcuff them and take their clothes and money. The theme of who is beautiful and who is not runs through the book. I laughed throught out. McCrumb sees the wry side of even sad situations and ends up with a very good book.

I think I'll take a hot shower and go to bed. I am tired. It's amazing how exhausting stretching can be. It's not like I was bouncing up and down like you do with aerobics, but I wore myself out.

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