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Saturday, July 14, 2001

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Photos and trolleys

This morning I went to the opening of the "Indivisible Stories of American Community" at the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona. It's a documentary project of communities, and local heroes, around the US from a fishing community in Alaska, a community garden in the innercity, a small town in the southeast, doulas helping a mother deliver her child, a religious community and more.

They had bagels and coffee but also community groups from Tucson had tables set up to see what we had here. I stopped at the Desert Doulas table, as Lauri has trained to be a doula, and talked to them for a little bit. I wandered past the other tables, listening and picking up literature. It was hot at 10:00 when I got there (it started at 8:00) but there were still lots of people there. I just did a quick walk past the photos as I plan to see them on a few of my lunch hours when it's less crowded.

I did pick up some of the many free postcards they had of the exhibition. That is so cool to encourage people to take free postcards of the pictures. I'm looking forward to spending time looking at the pictures. The CCP has some great exhibits but it's so wonderful how they've made it part of the community.

After the exhibit I took the bus over to 4th Avenue. It's not far but it was getting very hot and humid. I found three skirts, some flower plates a cups and some pillow cases for $16.00 at Value Village. This is such a great place. The only draw back is that they don't have a changing room so I try them on over what I'm wearing, hoping they'll fit ok when I get home, but at $2.50 a skirt it's not a real loss if they don't, but they did fit when I tried them on at home.

Then it was a hot walk to the Ronstadt Transit Center downtown and a wait for the bus home. I stopped at the smoke shop across the street to get a bottled ice tea and chugged it down. It was like a sauna. I did stop to watch the 4th Street trolley. It's all volunteers that run it but they're great. Sometimes I even take it from the University to 4th Avenue and pay the fare though I could take the bus free with my pass. The trolley is a great experience.

A couple hours after I had gotten home I found out why it had been so hot and humid as a storm hit. It was coming straight at my door but I just put down a towel and opened the door anyway. When it calmed down a little I picked up my umbrella and walked to the mall in the rain. It was nice though my umbrella was blown inside out when I wasn't careful. It's a good umbrella, too, and doesn't do that unless there is a lot of wind.

It stopped for a few hours and then started up again this evening, only going the other direction, which is a little strange for Tucson. Our storms usually just come straight through. It rained for a few hours again, though not as heavily as the first time. It's nice outside, still warm but many degrees below what it was before the rains started.

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