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Wednesday, July 11, 2001

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Pima & Maricopa

I went to an Arizona Historical Society talk this evening on the "Pima &Maricopa Indians, & the Forty Niners", by James Turner. The Pimas and Maricopas really got screwed. They were very friendly and helped many groups across Arizona, even giving them food when they were destitute and helped fight the Apaches. Then they were treated worse than the Apaches by the US government. I know a lot of people look on the Apaches as braver and more interesting, but the Pimas grew and made what they had, and did it very well, while the Apaches basically stole what they wanted.

It's been a while since I rode my bike back at night and I enjoyed it. There is something about riding in the cool and dark that's great. It's really not that dark since I ride on the main streets with streetlights, not wanting to fall into one of Tucson's potholes, but it's dark compared to most of my bike riding. I need to fix my bike light holder because it's slipping and pretty soon my light is lighting up my front tire, which isn't too helpful. This is one of those things I plan to fix and never do till I'm riding home at night in the dark. Ok, I'll put it on my ToDo list.

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