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Tuesday, July 10, 2001

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Accessibility and overpass

I took the bus downtown so I could check out the overpass that is being built over Broadway between Euclid and the underpass. It has to be a bike and pedestrian bridge since it connects to the bike path that goes from Broadway and Euclid to 4th Avenue. That will be cool. This is a great area anyway because of the mosaics of people in the 30s and 40s they've lined the intersection with.

At 7:00 AM, without a store open except for a coffee shop, some of the panhandlers are already in place. A guy came out of Coronado Hotel in his wheelchair and started feeding the pigeons. He seemed happy.

I went to a web accessibility seminar today that was very interesting. Since the feds have passed a law that all federal government webpages have to be accessible to everyone, state agencies know they had better start complying. We aren't federal but we have a lot of federal money that comes through for research so we need to get in line. I applaud the whole idea though it's going to be difficult to redo all the pages. My pages at work won't be bad since they are fairly straightforward but it will still be a lot of work.

I am strongly in favor of helping disabled people to have access to things. I realize that they won't have access to everything but I figure it's better to allow them to help themselves than for them to be dependent on other people all the time. Or stuck in a back room at home or in an institution like it used to be, and too often still is. Basically I am horrified at the idea of not being able to see or hear or walk. I think not being able to see is the one I find the most scary.

We're in the countdown for year end at work. We're actually working on June and July simultaneously so that all the old year stuff can get in the old year. It can be confusing but it hasn't been too bad this year.

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