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Sunday, July 8, 2001

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Going to the zoo

It was cloudy and spitting a little rain this morning so I set out for a nice ramble in cooler weather. It was cooler but so humid that I was as damp as if I were sweating in 110 degrees. That's ok, it was a great day for walking around. I took the bus downtown and, since I had about twenty minutes for my next bus, I walked over to the Greyhound Station and took pictures of the Congress Hotel, buses and one of our great artistic bus stops.

Then I took the bus on down Broadway, getting off at Country Club and walked over the Reid Park. The rose garden was full of blooms and there is a nice shelter in the center that I don't remember. It's a nice place to sit and enjoy the blooms. The roses are on the edge of loosing their glory and Tucson is a rough place to keep roses blooming all summer, but they were still beautiful and so many of them!

I took several pictures of the wash that leaves on the west side of Reid Park as it wanders through the park looking more like a nice grassy valley than a wash. I sat by it and ate an early lunch as I watched the ducks, and the people, at a nearby pond. I then wandered through the zoo enjoying the kids as much as the animals, though the animals seemed full of energy, perhaps they are enjoying the nice weather also.

Yesterday, in between errands, I also rode over to where the wash between Ft Lowell and Delano started at Stone. I couldn't find it east of there and I'll have to see where it ends up some time.

The commercial about how to get money from the government was just on. I hate that commercial! It plays on people's greed. It's one thing for people who need the money but to just pull in people who want something for nothing is disgusting.

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