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Friday, July 6, 2001

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Popcorn and wandering

We had a popcorn social at work today. It was ok but not really a high social occasion. I don't know why they have these on Fridays since half the people in our department are gone by noon and I'm think it's the same in many departments. You don't see many classes scheduled for Friday afternoon, do you?

Since the weather is so nice I was thinking about where to walk tomorrow and then started wondering what a 54 year old woman was doing walking through washes and wandering around town. I realized that walking through washes is much like wandering through the woods as a child. I did that all the time. I can remember some places I went by myself in gradeschool and junior high very vividly. I know I let my children wander more than is considered safe now but I just couldn't take that joy and freedom from them even though I was so scared for them at times.

I especially like wandering without a destination or a time frame. Well, I do start with a destination but I don't like it to be vital since it's so nice to get off track. I suppose this is a paradox since I also like volkswalks which follow a very defined route but that's another freedom since I don't have to worry about where to walk I can enjoy the walk in a different way, but even on a volkswalk I like walking by myself since I don't have to time my walking to someone else's pace.

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