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Thursday, July 5, 2001

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2nd Monday

It was like a second Monday today. I get so used to all holidays being on a Monday that it's strange for a holiday to fall in the middle of the week. Thanksgiving is on a Thursday but I've usually gotten Friday off and Christmas and New Years don't count because I get the whole week off. I kept yawning today as I felt like the "weekend" was too short.

The rains came in and we had a nice rain in the afternoon. It was cooler when I got off work than when I got to work. It was wonderful. I took the bus all the way to the transit center so I could walk along the Rillito. What a change from in the 100s on the 4th to the high 70s this evening.

The clouds were layered on the Catalinas and the birds and other small animals were out enjoying the cool weather and, I suppose, the insects that the rain brought up. I understand much of town had real downpours and while the wash was damp it didn't have any running water. We had a nice rain on the north side, nothing special. You never know how the rains will come across town.

I know you aren't suppose to enjoy camping in the rain but when I had my truck with the shell on the back I loved to be camping while it rained since I could lie in back all curled up in warm blankets and listen to the rain. It's so cozy and nice. It's nice to be inside in a nice chair when it rains also but it's just cozier when you're camping and yet warm and dry while it's raining.

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