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Wednesday, July 4, 2001

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4th of July

It was getting warm by the time I got up (late) and I decided that I would go to the mall to walk around and get some exercise. I just missed the bus and they were running on Sunday/Holiday time so I decided to walk to the mall since it still wasn't too hot. I was glad to reach airconditioning but it was a nice walk.

I spent a couple hours walking around and having lunch and then went out to catch the bus back home. It was hot by then and I reached for my bus pass and didn't have it. After searching through my backpack I realized I had taken it out last night since my library card is in the same holder and I went to pick up a few books. I was so mad at myself that I decided I would walk home instead of paying the bus fare. I realized within a couple blocks this was stupid but was too stubborn to wait for the bus. It's about two miles and I can still feel it several hours later.

Well, I did read one of the books I got last night "Lost Daughters" by J M Redmann. It has Mickey Knight as a private investigator. She gets involved in a few cases of people looking for their mothers, including herself. Her lover, a doctor at a clinic, is unnerved as several women that come to the clinic, all lesbians, have been brutally murdered. The lost mother cases and the murders mesh as Mickey races to solve the mysteries. It's a good book. I've noticed that more mysteries are being written about lesbians. Is this because more women are writing mysteries or just that it's more acceptable to have a lesbian as a major character. I can't right off hand think of a gay guy who is the lead character in a mystery though there are some with gay characters. I like to read mysteries with different protagonists instead of the same old, same old.

That is my 4th of July. It's been a long time since I've seen fireworks. I last saw them in Boston on the 4th in 1995. That was really cool. I like fireworks, but it's just a pain getting downtown late at night on a bike. Getting down isn't bad but coming home with bumper to bumper traffic is not fun on a bike and I haven't been interested enough in the last few years to take the time.

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