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Saturday, June 30, 2001

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Iron and bus stop signs

It was one of those days where I wander around for hours but never really get done what I had set out to. I was looking for a little component for my computer and didn't find it, though I did find very expensive alternatives. I realized that most computer stores no longer sell as much stuff to tweak your own computer. They only sell computers and don't want to mess with people who work on their computers instead of buying a new one.

I went to donate blood since it had been two months since the last time and I figured they would need it with the 4th of July coming up. They wouldn't take me since my iron was too low. I'm usually just over the limit but I do occasionally fall under. I know it's not because I'm trying to eat less meat since it has also happened when I'm eating plenty of meat. I've never been able to figure out what causes me to go under.

I did end up at the Wilmot Library and picked up a mystery, "Slow Dissolve" by Della Borton. This has as the detective the owner of a small movie house in a small town in Ohio. She is trying to escape a failed relationship when her partner left, and ends up in Ohio with her theatrical family. She gets caught up in looking for someone who an altzheimer patient keeps asking for and the mystery of who is trying to kill his wife. It's a good read with interesting characters. I enjoyed it.

I noticed that all the bus stops now have the new signs. They're very nice but I'm not sure why they changed them all at once instead of just changing them as they were vandalized or unreadable. The poor bus driver had a lady with four children and a husband get on and all the kids headed to the back while the lady was yelling at the driver about day passes. She talked to him like he was two years old while he was trying to look back at the kids and see how many there really were. The lady (?) talked, loudly, to the whole bus about what a dummy he was until she got off.

A lady who was sympathizing with the driver told how she had sat for half an hour when a wheelchair rider refused to let the driver strap the chair in and they all had to wait for someone from the company to come. I've been on a bus when someone in a wheelchair insists that their brakes are good enough but the drivers have to lock the chairs in because they wouldn't stay still if there was a sudden stop. The drivers can be in a bad mood, though they are usually very nice, but they also put up with a lot of crap. I don't think drivers who aren't people persons last too long.

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