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Friday, June 29, 2001

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Palm crash!

I walked over to and down Stone as I wanted to walk west in the morning to keep the sun out of my eyes. I know I have to turn and walk east to get to work, but the first part of the walk is so much more enjoyable. I took pictures of the gecko mural at Stone and Ft Lowell. The geckos look so cool.

I kept wandering south east and crossed a wash where it crossed Castro north of Delano. This is one where the road goes down into the wash and when it rains, there is no crossing. Not that people don't try, sure that they can make it. The edges are stabilized with what looks like bags full of sand, only they are concrete. I guess they fill the burlap bags with concrete and then the burlap rots away. You can even see the creases and impression of the fabric on some. The wash looks like it goes east past Oracle. I think it's the one that goes through the middle of the cemetery.

I was writing down the pictures on my Palm as I forget so easily and got the message that I needed to replace the batteries. I took out the old ones, put in new ones, and it didn't work. I turned it off and on again a couple times, and nothing. I looked at the batteries and I had them in backwards. I fixed that, turned it on and all my stuff was gone. I must have reset while messing with it. I have never done this before and I felt so lost and bereft. Luckily, when I got home the backup restored it all. I am so addicted.

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