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Thursday, June 28, 2001

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Web development

I've spent the day at a training session on Frontpage, Microsoft's web developing program. It's a nice, nice program and does nice, nice things, but I was a little pissed to find out that many of the things I would like it for for my webpages at home won't work unless the server my pages are on have the MS extensions added and most of the free webpages don't. Isn't that just like Microsoft, suck you in and then tell you you will need to spend more money to actually get it to work. I can play with it at work to see how I like it but I don't think I want to buy it right now.

I walked through Reid Park on the way to the seminar, which was nice. There was a radio station there doing something, though they didn't have many people around at 8:00 in the morning. I was eating a banana as an after breakfast snack and then wandered along looking for a trash can. A park maintenance guy came buy in his little golf cart and told me to just toss the banana peel in the back. Nothing like a little drive up service.

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