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Wednesday, June 27, 2001

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Mosaics and soymilk

I wanted to get pictures of the other little traffic circles near my house so I went out of my way while walking to work to get pictures of the four in the area bounded by First, Glenn, Stone and Grant. They are at Blacklidge and Geromino, Blacklidge and Fontana, Fontana and Kelso, and Kelso and Geronimo. There are stop signs at the intersections also but I guess people feel like the circles will keep people from running the stop signs.

The Blacklidge and Geronimo circle has a mosaic sculpture set among the grasses that have grown high with the rains. Blacklidge and Fontana one just has some haphazard paving stones among the grasses and cactus. The Kelso and Fontana circle has another mosaic and steel sculpture, and like the other sculpure, has a bowl on top that reminds of the olympic bowl they light the flame in. The Kelso and Geronimo circle is a mass of vines look like they want to sprawl over the street but are kept in check by the cars. I'm not sure who designed these but they tend to be a little eccentric and fun. I seem to recall that the ones without a sculpture used to have something a few years ago but evidently were vandalized.

I stopped at the grocery store before continuing on to work to pickup some soymilk and found most of the front of the store roped off so they could clean the floors. It's always interesting to shop early in the morning and see some of the upkeep that keeps stores going. Especially for twenty four hour stores, as the supermarket is, has to do the upkeep while open. I've often arrived to find the aisles nearly blocked with boxes as the shelves are being restocked.

After work I stopped at the upscale store which was all perky and presenting their best side. This makes for a nice shopping experience but it's all too easy to spend too much money. You get sucked in with the latest thing in food. I applaud all efforts to improve food but sometimes it's all too much as most of the "improvements" are cosmetic and increase the price rather than the nutritional value of the food. I think I prefer the neighborhood supermarket even though I know they are trying to suck us in, but at least they are more familiar and easier to resist.

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