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Tuesday, June 26, 2001

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The air didn't go on all last night. It was so cool while I was walking to work. I took a detour to the bread shop and walked the dirt roads in the center of the Prince, Campbell, Mountain and Ft Lowell blocks. It's like being outside of town and in the middle of a lush desert. That's sounds pradoxical but it's true. Everything smelled good and it was nice to walk on dirt that wasn't dry as a bone.

There are some little circles at intersections in this area. They don't have the sculptures that the areas just south of me have but they're still cute. I understand there isn't more traffic calming from the circles than from people slowing down at the intersections but it makes people feel happy. It's so nice to take a picture of the circle and link it to my journal right today. This is going to be fun.

Two kids just came to my door selling lemonade. They had a pitcher of lemonade and a plastic glass. One glass. I didn't even ask how much, just said no thank you. I applaud their entrepreneurship but they need to learn a little about hygiencs also. They looked a little discouraged.

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