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Sunday, June 24, 2001

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I got a good deal on a floor model for a digital camera so I now have one. I'm so excited. I'm just learning how to use it but I like it. It's just a 1.0 megapixels so it's good for the web but just passable for a printed picture, which is fine because I want pictures for the web or for emailing and it was such a good price that I figure if I want a better one it's not going to hurt me to get a second one. Even with the accessories such as an a/c adapter, so I won't need to waste batteries while I'm messing with the pictures at home, and additional memory I'm still $100.00 under what I spent on film and processing last year.

I also decided to get rechargable batteries and a recharger which set me back $60.00 including batteries, but according to my msmoney I've spent $133.00 last year on batteries alone. I got one that does both AA and AAA. I use batteries in my palm, my radio, my bike lights. I use a lot of batteries. I think I can justify this.

After spending the money I couldn't get it to download. Finally I figured out that my palm sync was interferring with it. I closed the hotsync and downloaded pictures. It's so cool but I was so upset as it took me about three hours to figure this all out. The worst part was that their customer service is only open Monday through Friday. I was very upset at the idea of not being able to play with my new toy till Monday.

I rearranged my living room again. It looks good. I didn't do a major rearrange but made it more useful. I now have a clean desk to play my keyboard on. I've had the keyboard for seven or eight years but haven't played it in a long time. I want to use it to brush up on the songs for choir since I am so rusty. I enjoyed having a piano many years ago, before I got married, since I could just tap away at it but it's been so long. The piano was one of things that was sold when I got married. Now I can sing along with me and there's no one to complain.

We've had some nice rain this week as the monsoons are starting. My part of town didn't get much but some places were flooded and there were flood watches a couple of nights. Everything smells so good after the rain. I'm glad now that I have the bike garage at work, even if it is a bit inconvenient, since I know my bike will stay dry if it rains while I'm at work. I also have to start turning off my computer during the day as the lightning is also starting. My computer flickered the other night but didn't go off. I have surge protetors but I don't quite trust them. The rain is wonderful but it's still hot so it's like walking out into a steambath sometimes.

I've lost a few more pounds. It's so slow though. I can't bear to weight every week and it's usually once a month or I feel so discouraged. I'm trying to not "diet" though but just to eat better and a little less.

They have self checkout at the local supermarket. It takes longer but there are always people lined up to try it. I had a bit of trouble today as I had lots of produce and you can't just wave the UPC code in front of the scanner. They are putting produce codes on things so you have to code that in. It's really fun. They have one employee watching the six scanners and she helps when you manage to screw up, which I do every time. It even makes you put your purchase in a bag before you scan another. It can tell because the bag holder is on a scale. I couldn't figure out what was wrong because I had a couple things and tried to scan one and then the other before putting them in the bag and the employee had to tell me what to do. It looks so easy!

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