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Wednesday, June 20, 2001

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Rain and death

There were wisps of clouds when I got up this morning and it was like a steam bath walking to work. I knew I'd be soaked by the time I got to work but it was nice hoping for the monsoons to come soon. This afternoon the sky was dark as I left work and there was a little rain when I got home. According to the news parts of the city got drenched and there's flood watch out but we missed most of it. That is always so disappointing. Sometimes you can see the rain coming down just a mile away and nothing here.

I wonder if we'll have a good monsoon season. I hope so as that's always welcome even though it becomes steamy instead of that nice dry heat we brag about. The hour or two of coolness is so wonderful though. The rainbows also start popping up everywhere and the sunsets are nice.

One of the convenience store/gas stations on the way to work had yellow police tape all around and one of the major streets was blocked. Evidently there was a shooting there this morning and some guy in a car was killed. They called it a gang shooting but they always call it a gang shooting. I thought about being worried but most of the killings are on the south side of town and even then they don't really aim for uninvolved people. The police took the tape down as I walked by and life went back to normal. That's rather sad.

Recently a lady at work said she saw me walking to work but didn't stop because she knew I wanted to walk, which I think is a compliment as she has accepted my walking to work. I don't know if my coworkers understand it but at least they accept it. There are a few other people who bike to work but they wear the flashy bike clothes and look more acceptable as they are dressed properly for biking, unlike me since I usually just wear street clothes. I do have a pair of bike shorts but I save them for long rides and not always then. Often I don't know when I leave the house on a weekend that I'm going for a long ride but I just keep going and it becomes a long ride.

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