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Tuesday, June 19, 2001

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Up and down

J pulled us away from our desks and out to eat at noon today. She drives me crazy when she does this but we really need it. I stay at my desk too often. I don't stay to work but I read email and forums instead of getting away. I need to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so I can take a walk at noon. Well, I would have to walk to one of the museums since it's much too hot to sit outside, but that's ok. I could eat my sandwich while I work and then go to the museum.

It was good to walk to work today and not have my legs ache so much. It hasn't been as bad as other times but I need to get more up and down in my daily walks. The only real up and down I have, though, is the parking garage which isn't the most scenic climb. I need to get going so I can take alternate routes, though that still doesn't mean much up and down.

I read "Murdering Minister" by Alan Beechey. While working on a story for his childrens books, author Oliver, an atheist, get's involved with a fundamentalist church when a girl disappears and a deacon is murdered. When the minister, an old acquaintance of Oliver, is chaged with murder, Oliver sets about solving the mystery with the help of his girlfriend, Detective Sergeant Effie. This is a nice mystery with eccentric characters. By that I don't mean cute little old ladies who wear baseball caps but much stranger characters.

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